Moving Paintings (T)

Moving Paintings are (literally) mind-blowing multimedia paintings, adding movement and time to create a new genre of artistic content. Sophia von Wrangell has dedicated 7 years to developing subconscious art techniques, and subconscious story-telling to open channels for everyone to inhabit the right side of their brain, the creative, the intuitive. Moving Paintings display on your screen and subtly change over time. Some say it’s Bhuto, some say it’s like looking at clouds. Yet others name it Fantastic Realism in subconscious story-telling.

Where the Sun Always Rises – 190 Paintings. Moving Painting by Sophia von Wrangell.Score Catalina von Wrangell.

Spiral – 54 Paintings. Moving Painting by Sophia von Wrangell.Score Paul Hjelm. Editing Ben Dobyns.

Moving Paintings relax, inspire, de-block, and take you to inner realms of experience.

Moving Paintings are the result of years of solitude and spiritual growth in search of healing and the capacity to love.

Enter Here – 117 Paintings. Moving Painting by Sophia von Wrangell.

I went as far away from form as I could, and found myself in the subconscious realm, the zero point of all possibilities, a place free of cultural, racial and linguistic misunderstanding, where we meet just as we are, in all our beauty.

I developed a technique, Subconscious Painting, which makes it possible to simply drift away into creation. Its fun to have to look into your own work to discover it.

My work is about love, exhilaration and passion.