Artist Statement

Art is divine expression from within, and unique meaning. Trance in a timeless state akin to my illusion of glory. Even if we do not acknowledge it consciously, Art awakens, nourishes, changes, mobilizes, enriches and inspires. Art is the mirror of life. Art is the awareness of society.

After the Tao principle of “Doing without doing”

At a subconscious level we already know everything. Knowledge from the subconscious comes through the medium into the painting. The subconscious image interacts with the subconscious of the observer, which enables each viewer to see his/her own painting in my paintings.

In classical painting: The act of creation begins with the object. The observed object is transposed into the painting. The artist is bound to reality by shape and color.

In subconscious painting: The act of creation begins randomly. The artist is free of reality. The creator then observes the work, and from that observation comes forth the subject of the painting. The act of creation ends with the object.